Step 3: Review Your Instructor’s Lesson Response

Step 3: Review Your Instructor’s Lesson Response

You should receive an app push notification (if you have authorized these in your smartphone settings) and/or an email notification when an instructor has responded to your lesson request.   

Lesson Response Notification

Open the app and go to either Requests or Notifications.

In the Requests section, completed and unanswered lesson responses will have a dark green dot next to them.  Please click on the lesson request with which you want to interact.

Student Unread & Read Lesson Response-In Requests

In the Notifications section, there is a queue that displays each time an Instructor interacts with one of your lesson requests.  Clicking on a particular notification will automatically take you to the respective lesson and response by that instructor.

Student Unread & Read Learning Request-In Notifications

Depending on whether you submitted video or photos with your lesson request, an instructor can respond to a lesson request with any combination of the following:

  • Text in the Comments field
  • Swing Analysis Video: audio/video files in which the instructor analyzes your swing and communicates why he or she is going to recommend certain drills and/or training elements
  • Photo Analysis: image files that may have circles and/or lines to demonstrate qualities or flaws in the student’s posture, grip, alignment, or other areas
  • Instructional Videos: general information regarding a key issue or topic within your lesson
  • Drill Videos: videos you can observe at home, on the course or on the range, so that you can then execute them on the practice tee in your own free time over the next weeks to ensure the techniques become part of your consistent swing

Lesson Response